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118 15 96% 94 110000000
number of employeescountries we export toof our products exportedyears of producing rulersquantity of folding rulers produced between 1992 and 2015

We are one of the four biggest European folding rulers producers

Petr John
CEO of Metrie s.r.o.


Metrie, a purely Czech production and trading company, dates back to the period of the First Republic. Adherence to original values has culminated in attaining a significant brand position on the Czech and European markets. Our almost 100-year history speaks of relentless emphasis on quality enhancement and innovation, as evidenced by our highly satisfied customers from the ranks of major construction and advertising companies, craftsmen and households.

Thank you for your patronage.

We are a regular PSI member.

Start of production of the type Slimboy.

Start of production of the type
Block 52.

Re-start of production of the type Profi 10.

Switch solely to water-based paints.

Company privatization. Metrie spol. s r.o. established.

A long-term cooperation with STABILA company established.

Petr John, Sr., current director’s father and founder of later Metrie spol. s r.o., becomes a director of the company.

1952 – 1991, the company is a part of KOH-I-NOOR group. Export to many foreign countries.

Company nationalized.

Purchase of machinery from Germany. Export to European countries, USA, Canada, Scandinavia and South America.

Joachim Lansen from Leipzig company Eduard Goedel Masstab und Werkzeug Fabrik employed as a Senior Engineer.

Jaroslav Rozsypal becomes an owner of the company.

Production of wooden folding rulers under the name Metria s.r.o. based in Hlinsko starts. Soon, the seat of the company moves to Loštice, to newly bought estates and buildings from former match-factory.