Wooden folding rules

Almost a 100-year history of producing wooden
folding rulers

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Skládací metr od roku 1922

We have measured since 1922


Can you imagine your workshop or your household without wooden folding ruler? After all, you probably used to consider it to be a perfect ‘folding toy’ when you were children. Either you are a craftsman now or ‘just’ a handyman, you still keep taking the ruler in your hands. That is why we have produced measurement instruments of European standard for you since 1922. Their quality standard is based on long-time family tradition.

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Který z 5 typů se hodí vám?

Which of the 5 types fits you best?


Do you find all folding ruler types the same at first sight? They have only one characteristic in common – the same measurement accuracy. But each type is unique. Which of them fits best to you? Would you choose the classic with a 90-year proven production record, a professional measuring tool with durable joints or a ruler ideal for promotional print? No matter which type you prefer, you will always make the right choice.                                 

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Skládací dvoumetr – 48 dílů, 16 fází

made of hardwood


Wooden rulers made of hornbeam and beech wood represent a true come back to tradition. They signify that there is no substitute for a quality and feel of natural materials. We produce school and office rulers in lengths of 17, 25 and 35 cm. They are an excellent craft product with a high accuracy of the scale. Their smooth shape and their easy affordability make them a popular promotional item.                                                    

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